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Re: Communicating

At 01:11 PM 3/22/2005 -0800, Dave Guimont wrote:
>Yes, I'll tell you exactly what I want to be done....I want to keep from 
>shooting ourselves in the foot again, as we did with AO-51..., wasting 
>dollars that could have been applied to HEO...

As far as I know AMSAT has never "borrowed from Peter to pay Paul", meaning 
if you make your contribution to a specific project, the money goes to that 
project.  So what you are saying is in impossibility, unless you are trying 
to say the board is supposed to read your mind and know that money you 
contributed to the general fund was really earmarked for some other purpose.

Since you are so adamant about making sure the next satellite is a HEO, 
please make sure that contribution you seem to be implying goes to either 
P3E or the two Eagles.  You can contribute to either (or both) online at:

It makes more sense to brag about how much you contributed than continue to 
cry over milk that was never spilt.



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