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Re: Communicating

> It's pretty obvious, there are NO COMMUNICATIONS on AO51, they are all on
> here.!!...why bother with the satellite??
>             73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>                     Disagree: I learn....


     You have done a wonderful job expressing your hatred for AO-51, but I
am trying to understand what you want to be done.  AMSAT-NA's current
project is a HEO bird (eagle).    AMSAT-DL's current project is a HEO bird
(P3E).  Two of the last three AMSAT-NA projects have been HEO birds (yes, I
know AO-40 was a joint effort).  AMSAT-NA's published goals all revolve
around HEO birds including a VERY ambitious time table.  Just about all of
AMSAT-NA's focus seems to be on HEO birds at this point.  It takes time to
make these things happen, and I am curious what you want to happen next that
isn't happening?

     I can accept you prefer HEO satellites (I like them too!), but what
makes me wonder is why you cannot accept that many people enjoy the quick
contest style grid exchanges on AO-51, SO-50 and the like.  I'm not asking
you to like it, just accept that others may like it.  I thoroughly enjoy
communicating on FM LEO birds, and I really enjoy doing it from new grid

     In conclusion, I believe the most important thing is what happens next,
as it is very difficult to change what has already happened.  At the moment
the future is full of HEO satellites, would you like to change it?


P.S. I really appreciate your tag line - it has proven true for me many
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