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Re: under used asset

On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 04:18:31PM -0700, Freeman P. Pascal IV wrote:
> Exchanging grid squares on FO-29 or AO-7?  If that's all you are using
> these two fine birds for then you are wasting your time and their

I have exchanged grid squares and then gone on on both FO-29 and AO-7.
(The grid squares are sometimes interesting if they are European DX.)
The passes are brief and it is a PITA having to wait for
a pass but you can still do very fun QSOs without having to be stuck
with simple grid exchanges.

> batteries.  I have used both these birds for long casual, enjoyable rag
> chews.  I've gotten to know several folks from the long conversations I

I concur.

> have had.  FO-29 in particular is a nice bird for group or round table
> QSOs.  Many times I have looked forward to the next pass to continue the
> conversations.

BTDT ;-)

> I have even used AO-51 to rag chew on late night passes when there have
> only been two or three of us on the bird.

AO-51 is the one of the ones I do not really like to use. I have used it a few
times to have what to me seemed interesting. i.e. a very low angle QSO
with England. But for QSOs I do not like FM birds. Certainly the FM birds
were not responsible at all for my interest in sats.
Oh yes, it was fun writing code to decode the telemetry too.

> Granted a HEO would be nice, but to discount the availability and
> usability of AO-7, FO-29, or any other LEO is plain silly.

I have to agree, except for the FM LEOs. I personally like having a QSO
not a grid square and report on the FM birds.

> I won't say that AO-51 got me into satellites.  All of the birds got me
> into working satellites.  I came in just after AO-40 died, that didn't

I never liked the idea of the short passes on the LEOs. I finally started
getting interested in the idea of them a few years ago at a friends house.
But it was really AO-40 that "snagged me good" onto sats. Not the so-called
FM bird "easysats".

> discourage me.  Because of satellites I am now much more active in ham
> radio as a whole, as an AMSAT area coordinator, and now as the VP of our

Well, my daughter finally moved out and I got interested in getting back
into amateur radio.

> local radio club.  I have given talks several times sharing ham radio

I ended up as VP and am now President.

> and satellites with hams and non-hams.  After twenty five years of doing

Oh, I am on the slate to give a talk about sats come the fall too. I could
use help I think. ;-)


> For those who are involved in funding, building, and managing our fleet
> - Thank You!

I concur.

- Diane VA3DB
  http://www.oarc.net (president)
  AMSAT Area Co-Ordinator.
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