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DXpedition XE from an USA ham XE2AT

Well long time ago were a very rare and exotics hams in USA and Mexico that 
like to activate and chase GRIDS this was on UO14-SO35 and AO27 age,what a 
great and funny age !!!
6 days ago I heard a USA ham in my local repeater and after a 5 min of a 
great chat I invited to this boy to work satellite because he will be in a 
severals NEVER activated XEs GRIDS .
He invited me to his coach WOWWWW is begger that my house !!
After some look on the maps I marked some grids in my wish list and I gave a 
great present, a 6 element yagi for 70cm XE2AT brand, home made with some 
experience so he acepted and finally yesterday he can made his first 
satellite QSO from DL71 north of Puerto Vallarta.
This grid is not new for several of you but for me was !!!
He will tryto be in DL72-63-63-65-47-39-31 next days.. fingers crossed Bill 
I will send to bb the days he is on the satellite, ..
If you heard to XE3/KC0TGY Bill give a call , slow and phonetic is better 
for the beginner..
All that cross my city are invited to pick up a 6 ele yagi to work satellite 
Good luck and I hope hear new grids soon...
Ps you can see his track on www.findmarian-bill.info and see the wonderful 
pictures of my country.

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