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Re: AO-27

Hi Allen,

Good thought, but it is definitely too early.  If you follow the AO-27 
orbit using something 3D,  and center over the south pole,  you will see 
that AO-27 never goes into eclipse this time of year.  My simulation shows 
it doesn't go into eclipse until 9 May at 07:37 UTC and even then only for 
less than a minute.

My guess is that it hit a low power condition and turned off.  With luck 
the batteries are still in good condition and the satellite can be turned 
back on again.



At 05:54 PM 3/19/2005 -0600, N5AFV wrote:
>You may remember last year that AO-27 was off a long time because of a 
>seasonal orbit pattern where (if I remember correctly) it is in eclipse 
>and can not keep the batteries charged.  My log for last year shows no 
>AO-27 passes from 19 April to 29 June.  Maybe the orbit shifts with time 
>and the same pattern has set in for this year, but a month earlier.

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