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Re: AO-27 status, is it off ?

  HI ,,,, ,,    as i recall, ao27 was OFF last year around about this time, until
              July, just before 51 went hot.   eclipse mode, too much time in dark
              to support battery cycles.  FM power budget / solar capacity.
              this may or not be the case.  the web site says Xmtrs OFF under modes,
              but the TOPR list says analog MED (power).  i am just as confused as
              always.    OFF = Transmitters are turned off 
              it just passed over Colorado 26E from cm97. another pass W of Calif. in
              60 minutes.  i am inside at workee.   i presume we will get other reports.
              maybe a break on 51/50 later. 
              thank you, keep up the fine work, 
 some day, computers will do all this.
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