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Mode L/S

Hi All
I am very close to operational L/S.  So armed with a IC-1271A 1.2Ghz
transceiver at a "huge" 10 watts.  Transmission line at this time is
LMR400 about 60 feet.  I have some 7/8" heliax with connectors yet to be
installed.  Antenna is a directive systems DSH23-12, twelve turn helix
with an advertised gain of 14.5dBic, on a az/el platform.  Receive system
is 3731 downconverter on a 36" oval primestar dish (worked great on AO-40
sob sob).  
Given this rudamentry system what can I expect from what I have, and what
improvements should I make for upcoming HEO satellites.  I know many of
you have already been there and your advice over the years has been

73 Bob W7LRD
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