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Re: re:P3E funding question

Dear Piero,

>Thanks all for the replies and... well... one would think that before posting
>here I would have checked on amsat-dl - which I do a couple of times a week,
>just to be frustrated to find all the time the same scant information.
We are in the middle of a process to transform all of the AMSAT-DL 
website into a new Content Management System (CMS)..  
That's the reason, why the old pages are currently no more updated. 
Unfortunately it is a huge amount of work to edit all the old contents 
for the new system, so we just do not have the resources to do both at 
the same time.  However, the news CMS will help us to update those pages 
more often in the future.
We hope that the new web will be much more attractive, also from a 
"marketing" stand-point. It's only a matter of a few more weeks...

best wishes
Peter, DB2OS
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