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Re: RFC on handhelds supporting 2-meter SSB mode

The shoulder/neck strap is fully functional on mine. Arrow in one hand, mic in the other, 817 around the neck. Switch hands as needed so you don't develop the fiddler crab look ;-). Tune the radio with the mike hand. Just remember to look up when they take the pictures at the hamfests....

My latest portable gear assembly is the 817 and a FT-290r in the Icom 703 backpack, with a 7 Ah gel cell in the bottom. I installed a Comm-Spec tone encoder for so50 and ao51 but haven't gotten it to work yet. The plan is to eventually use a long rubber duck (1/4 wave type) for the uplink, and the back 4 elements of my sawed off Arrow for the downlink. Add the AIDC downconverter and corner reflector as needed for Mode V/S and eventually U/S.

73, Drew KO4MA

>Yep!, if you've got three..

>1>	mic
>2>	radio
>3>	arrow
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