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RE: RFC on handhelds supporting 2-meter SSB mode

Hi Robin

> Along the same lines as a previous post about Full-Duplex handhelds, I
> like to ask about any handhelds supporting SSB mode(s).
> I am especially interested in any handhelds which could be used as an IF
> with a transconverter on the S-band.
> I would believe most would be 2-meter radios, but I don't want that to be
> limit on comments.
> By googling, I get a couple of radios that might qualify, most quite
old --
>    Icom IC-202S
>    Santec LS-202A
>    Mizuho MX-2S
> The IC-202S seems to have been used quite often as an IF for L and S band
> and some reference indiate it was used is such on AO-40.
> My wish is to stay with handlheld radios, and not with mobiles (although
> from the pictures of the IC-202S it sort of straddles the two types).

The IC-202S is quite big, not what I'd called handheld. It's about the size
of an FT-290, but unlike the FT-290 it only covers SSB. Its internal VFO is
limited to two 200kHz band segments (144.000 to 144.400) as it doesn't use a
PLL, favouring two crystals that are squeezed.

The Santec LS-202A was marketed in Europe as the Belcom LS-202E and does SSB
as well as FM. I have two of these, plus the very rare LS-702 that is the
all-mode 70cm version. The problem with these radios is that they use
thumbwheels to tune, so they're frustrating to use when attempting to scan
the band.

I haven't see the Mizuho for a very long time. Its VFO is limited as it
isn't a PLL: it changes the loading on a crystal to change frequency.

73, Howard G6LVB
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