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RE: Full duplex handhelds ?

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>Hi, Tim. I just went through this about
>6 weeks ago, so it's fresh in my mind
>(and wallet!). If by "Full Duplex" what
>you mean is something that has two
>independant bands, where you can
>transmit on one while adjusting the
>receive frequency of the other, then I
think you'd be best served by either a
>W32A, or one of the older Yaesu units
>mentioned. I bought a Kenwood TH-D7
>based on all the good things I'd heard
>about it, and I'm disappointed with it.
>It doesn't do what *I* would call "Full
>Duplex", in that while it _will_
>receive on one band while transmitting
>on the other, you do not have full,
>independant control of the two bands.
>To change the receive frequency, I have
>to toggle to the other band, tune it,
>and then toggle back to the transmit
>band. Yes, it works, but it's cumbersome,
>and not what I wanted. I guess I didn't
>ask the right questions when I posted it
>here last time, as I, too, am new at
>working with a hand-held rig.
>And I certainly DON'T want to start a
>major discussion over what "Full Duplex"
>73, Jim  KQ6EA

Hi Jim,
I'm just curious, Is there a handheld that will provide "full, independent
control of the two bands". I assume this would be something like "Satellite
Mode" in the IC910H that allows you to enter uplink and downlink frequencies
in the two VFO's and then tune both bands with a single dial to track
If there is such a handheld, I may need to consider an equipment upgrade.
Steve .. AI7W
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