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Satpc32 CAT tuning with ic-910h - I need help

Hello all,

I just installed and registered SatPC32 and I am having dificulty setting up
the CAT features.
My CAT interface is a 2 transistor design that I built a few years ago to
control my ic-706 and has been working flawlessly.  It works just fine with
N1MM logger. I can use N1MM logger to change freqs by clicking, typing or by
manually using the knob on the radio, and in turn n1mm logger is updated as
to which freq the radio is on.
Now with SatPC32 I went thru the faq and tips for icom users and set all the
correct settings (or so I believe)  I set the CAT delay to 70 becuase I set
my radio and software to talk at 9600 baud.  The address is $60.   When i
first turn the program on it will change the main and sub bands to the
frequencies in the window near the top of the program (correcting for the
current doppler)  , and it apparently changes the main freq first then
flashes the sub light on as it corrects the sub freq.  After that it will
not correct frequencies unless i click the "C+" button turning it off "C-"
and then back on again.  I get the initial main band correction followed by
"sub" flashing twice as the program set the sub band freq.

Also, will this program function like n1mm logger where i can turn the radio
with the knob and the software will be updated??

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Charles Reiche
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