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RE: AO-51 PSK31 Mode...

> arrives in your mailbox?  Should they post it 1 hour before 
> changing modes? 
> 2?  3?  What about a day in advance?  2 days?  3?
> How about weeks in advance?

For me, a day or two seems to work best, regardless of the event.  Anything
more than a week, and the reminder becomes unreliable again.  Again, this is
an annoying issue I deal with all the time.  Important stuff I have to leave
in an obvious place.  Ham radio (unfortunately) rarely gets to the
"important stuff" category - that's left for boring things like bills, etc.

In any case, I tend to be one to subscribe to "reminder" lists where they're
available and cover a topic of interest.

> I always thought being an adult means that you don't need 
> your mother to be 
> responsible for getting you up in the morning.  Just like you 
> set an alarm 
> clock to get up and go to work, set an alarm clock to remind 
> you of the 
> AO-51 mode if you feel the need.

Maybe there's room for some robot to do the hack work of generating the
email from the web page - save the control team's time too.  
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