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RE: AO-51 PSK31 Mode...

> Did I miss a PSK-31 experiment?
> I sure wish there was a weekly Tuesday post about the 
> plan for WED experiment days on AMSAT-BB.
> Seems easier for one post to alert all 4000 of us then
> to expect all 4000 of us to check the ECHO web page
> every week.

I have to agree, and for some of us, a "passive" web site is not very
useful.  I don't participate in any web forums for similar reasons - having
to remember to check them all the time.  Suffice to say anything that
requires regular checking is fundamentally incompatible for me.  It has to
be more in my face, like an email. :)

I used to enjoy reading about the different experimental modes on offer each
week when Echo first went up.
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