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Re: AO-51 PSK31 Mode...

At 01:26 PM 3/16/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, I subscribed to the AMSAT-BB *just so* that I would
>get notices about things happening on the AMSATS in
>real time without me having to check

In real time?  How do you define real time?  Do you want them to call you 
up and say "Bob - we are switching the mode over."  Or can you tolerate the 
20 minutes delay between the time a message is posted to the BB and it 
arrives in your mailbox?  Should they post it 1 hour before changing modes? 
2?  3?  What about a day in advance?  2 days?  3?

How about weeks in advance?

The Control Team posted the schedule in February, so you received advanced 
notice about it.  From what I can tell from your post Bob, you expect the 
Control Team to act as your personal assistant.  I think that's a bit much 
to send you an email every time the satellite changes modes - I'm sure the 
Control Team has better things to do.

I always thought being an adult means that you don't need your mother to be 
responsible for getting you up in the morning.  Just like you set an alarm 
clock to get up and go to work, set an alarm clock to remind you of the 
AO-51 mode if you feel the need.

>THen why even have a real-time AMSAT-BB if real-time
>announcements about AMSAT satellites is not posted

You know as well as anyone that the BB is not real-time nor can it be. It's 
a store and forward system.  It may operate pretty quickly these days, but 
it is not real time. If you forget to check your email, will you complain 
that you didn't receive a message if it was sent out 1 minute after you 
last checked it?



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