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Re: AO-51 PSK31 Mode...

>>Seems easier for one post to alert all 4000 of us then
>>to expect all 4000 of us to check the ECHO web page
>>every week.
>Why not use the Windows "Scheduled Tasks" wizard...
>and have it [automatically download the ECHO page]...
>It will launch the AO-51 schedule to remind you to look at it.  
>It's a much better adult thing to do than expecting the 
>control team to act as your personal assistant and whine 
>about it when they don't :-)

Well, I subscribed to the AMSAT-BB *just so* that I would 
get notices about things happening on the AMSATS in 
real time without me having to check 18 different web
sites to find out what is happening on the 18 satellites
that may be operational at any one time.  Granted, that
was 1999, and we only have 3 or 4 operational satellites
now, but you get the point.

I can think of no better function of the AMSAT-BB than to
be the place where satellite mode changes are announced
in SIMPLE two line announcements and then those that
need more data can *then* go to the web page to see any
additional details if they need it...

> If you are still using a desk calendar or planner how 
>about just marking the Wednesday mode on each Tuesday.

THen why even have a real-time AMSAT-BB if real-time
announcements about AMSAT satellites is not posted

Anyway, just a perspective from a user, that always
hears about these things too late to participate...

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