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Re: AO-51 PSK31 Mode...

At 10:18 AM 3/16/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Seems easier for one post to alert all 4000 of us then
>to expect all 4000 of us to check the ECHO web page
>every week.

I thought computers were supposed to that kind of thing for you.

Why not use the Windows "Scheduled Tasks" wizard and have it run the 
following task (assuming you are still using Netscape 4.x) for you each 
Tuesday at noon or some other appropriate time:
"c:\[path to netscape.exe]\netscape.exe 

It will launch the AO-51 schedule to remind you to look at it.  It's a much 
better adult thing to do than expecting the control team to act as your 
personal assistant and whine about it when they don't :-)

If you are still using a desk calendar or planner how about just marking 
the Wednesday mode on each Tuesday.



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