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Re: Full duplex handhelds ?

Hi Garie,

thanks for this, this is  exactly what I was looking for, and I just bumped 
into it on my third google attempt of the archives.

This is exactly the sort of stuff that should be part of an FAQ on our website. 
For that matter I'd like to see a hardware compatibility list that shows what 
gear is satellite ready, what software works with what and maybe a few other 

There is a wealth of knowledge on this list and stuff like this should be 
captured into FAQ's &  HCL's so that the newbie has an easier time of working 
out where to start.

Maybe we should also have a wiki linked to kit in an HCL so that operators 
reviews and experiences can also be tagged along with a particular item.
That way you can see that if you intend using radio xyz then you might need to 
do abc because your trying to work satellite j ! ... you get the idea :)

And thanks to all the respondents so far - its greatly appreciated.



Garie Halstead K8KFJ wrote:
> tim.tuck@penrith.net wrote:
> I'm in the market for a VHF/UHF handheld to use on
> AO51 etc and I was wondering what gear you guys n gals
> are using.
> Here's a list of full duplex rigs from VE7CLA which
> appeared on this list back in July...
> Handhelds:
> Alinco DJ-G5T 
> Alinco DJ-580T needs 12V battery pack EPB-28NH
> Icom IC-W2A
> Icom IC-W32
> Kenwood TH-77
> Kenwood TH-78 Full Duplex?
> Kenwood TH-79(AD) Mod required to receive satellite
> sub-band
> Kenwood TH-D7 Voice and digital modes
> Yaesu FT-470
> Yaesu FT-530
> Yaesu FT-50R
> Yaesu FR-51R
> Mobiles:
> Alinco DR605TQ
> Icom IC-2728H
> Icom IC-3220
> Kenwood TM-D700A Voice and digital modes
> Kenwood TM-741
> Kenwood TM-742
> Kenwood TM-941
> Kenwood TM-942
> Kenwood TM-732 (two bands do not track)
> Yaesu FT-5100
> Yaesu FT-5200
> Yaesu FT-8900
> Base:
> Drake TR-270
> Icom IC-820
> Icom IC-821
> Icom IC-910H
> Icom IC-970
> Kenwood TS-790
> Kenwood TS-2000
> Yaesu FT-726
> Yaesu FT-736
> Yaesu FT-847
> 73, Gary -K8KFJ-
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> Sat VUCC #125
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