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Re: Full duplex handhelds ?

Hi, Tim. I just went through this about 6 weeks ago,
so it's fresh in my mind (and wallet!). If by "Full
Duplex" what you mean is something that has two
independant bands, where you can transmit on one while
adjusting the receive frequency of the other, then I
think you'd be best served by either a W32A, or one of
the older Yaesu units mentioned. I bought a Kenwood
TH-D7 based on all the good things I'd heard about it,
and I'm disappointed with it. It doesn't do what *I*
would call "Full Duplex", in that while it _will_
receive on one band while transmitting on the other,
you do not have full, independant control of the two
bands. To change the receive frequency, I have to
toggle to the other band, tune it, and then toggle
back to the transmit band. Yes, it works, but it's
cumbersome, and not what I wanted. I guess I didn't
ask the right questions when I posted it here last
time, as I, too, am new at working with a hand-held
And I certainly DON'T want to start a major discussion
over what "Full Duplex" means!
73, Jim  KQ6EA
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