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Re: Full duplex handhelds ?

I use an Alinco DJ-G5T...  works great.  Have also used a Yaesu FT-470, 
which also worked well (worked MIR with it...).  The main drawback to any 
full-duplex HT that I am familiar with is that you cannot change the 
downlink frequency while you are transmitting.  You have to switch bands, 
change frequency, and switch back.  For low elevation passes with slower 
doppler rates, that's not a big deal, but at higher elevations when doppler 
is changing very fast, the sat can fall out of the passband very quickly.  I 
don't know if any of the newer HT's allow you to "pair" both bands in a 
single memory, but if so, that would be an ideal way to handle it:  just 
program a bunch of memories with corresponding up- and downlink frequencies, 
and dial thru them as the pass progresses.  With mine, you have to have 
separate VHF and UHF memories programmed, and change both.  It can get a 
little hairy pointing the antenna, changing bands and frequencies, and 
logging, but it can be done.  (At home and for Field Day and other portable 
ops, I usually use my IC-910H with computer doppler tuning...  SOOOOOOOOOOO 

And headphones are a MUST...

George, KA3HSW

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> Hi all,
> I'm in the market for a VHF/UHF handheld to use on AO51 etc and I was 
> wondering
>  what gear you guys n gals are using ?
> I'd be interested to here pros and cons for various handhelds specifically 
> for
> working the easy sats.
> thanks
> Tim
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