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Re: Re: LEO Vs. HEO

At 03:45 AM 3/15/05 -0800, Jim Kelly <kk3k@yahoo.com> wrote:
>"Barry Murrell" <zr2dx@mweb.co.za> wrote:
> > From my perspective , sadly, LEO's are a
>Those whose first HEO bird was AO-40 should have been
>around during the great glory days of AO-10 and AO-13.
>As someone else has stated, my station is also in
>mothballs waiting for the next HEO.
>I'd like to see a recap of AMSAT NA membership and
>fundraising figures over the period of the last ten
>years. I suspect that there is a linear relationship
>between the membership numbers and the money raised
>and the decline and fall of the HEOs.
>Jim Kelly, KK3K
>former (and perhaps future) AMSAT NA #22420

My first was RS-10.   I made a CW contact using my 5 watt FM Handi-talkie 
as I didn't have an all mode 2 meter rig.  It was terrible sounding CW 
using an FM rig. Someone must have felt sorry for me and I had a nice QSO 
for a first contact.  I was hooked.  The Phase III birds kept me going 
though.  I like the round table nets and conversations or just sitting back 
and listening to ops talk about their setups and things they might try.

When Echo went up and opened for business, I made my one or two contacts 
and then got out of the way. The contacts left me feeling hollow inside, no 
substance to them. Don't complain when some NA Eagle supporters say they 
felt screwed over the whole thing.

I'm glad we have AMSAT-DL. Their Board of Directors aren't afraid of 
building Phase-III birds.

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