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Leo vs. Heo

Hello All,
  this Heo vs Leo debate really needs to end.

The Heo group complains that Leo's  don't bring in money, well 
looking at the fund raising between Echo and Eagle it seems to me that Leo's are more 
popular, Echo raised its $110k  in a pretty short time which surprised me. 

  Looking at Eagles fund its pretty pathetic... it seems everyone heard several million needed
and said well screw that i'm out of here!!! 

 The majority of Eagles cost is in the launch, what if a launch opportunity presented itself for 
a free ride? then the Heo community would be out of luck since they haven't even raised enough
to build the sat alone...

The Leo group complains that Heo's are too hard and Leo  "easy" sats bring in more 
members,I don't think the membership numbers reflect that, and as many have shown
its not that hard to work heo's.

It seems to me both groups have some flaws in their logic...

Now I personally do not care for Leo's  yet I donated to Echo's launch fund, why? because
that project needed to be completed to move onto Eagle,a Heo  which I really do want.

I donated last year to Eagle and if things go well this year I will do the same...

But! It is time to stop crying over if a Leo should or should not have been built and if this BOD or 
that BOD member did this or that, get over it!!! its in orbit!

It is time to get Eagles fund moving again so there will be a Heo, if the 3 amigos that love
to bat this back and forth so much would put in a dollar each time they complained we 
would have a fleet of sats in no time...
I hope that  there will always  be both types of sats to accommodate both groups.
now Please go donate...

WA6FWF #19623
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