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If you're not part of the signal, you're part of the noise floor [was:Re: the question will always be there, LEO or HEO]

Roger Kolakowski wrote:

> I know this is a little off topic, but there has been mention of a personal
> mail program for windoz which sorts topics for you so you (I) can ignore
> certain threads... 
> Can anyone advise me of it's name and if it would work in this situation?

Many email clients contain such a function under the heading "filters", 
to give you special handling for any number of parameters; applied to 
subject lines it can remove threads, and applied to sender names it can 
remove all traffic from users who have already demonstrated they're not 
worth listening to. This function is referred to a "killfile" by 
internet tradition.

Had to use it occasionally on AMSAT lists myself.

It's available in Thunderbird, and most other common email software.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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