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Re: the question will always be there, LEO or HEO

On 13 Mar 2005 at 20:00, Edward R. Cole wrote:

>  Microwaves were considered "impossible" for the
> average ham before AO-40 forced a lot of us to go to 2.4 GHz
> if we wanted to operate.

IMHO - Nobody should have to be "forced" to do anything in 
pursuit of the enjoyment of his/her hobby !!

>  Exposing ham
> radio and especially satellite operation to young prospects
> will most likely find fertile ground with the digital
> satellite technology that Amsat is incorporating

I can just imagine the "young prospect" acquiring a low-noise 
receiver with a 'take off' from the extra wide IF strip to 
which he can connect his inexpensive(?) 38k4 digital 
interface and then into his computer....

Whether it's LEO or HEO, I fail to see what is wrong with 
having future sats' include at least one analog path, using 
modes V and U....  Or is the "young prospect" expected to use 
mode S digital at 38k4 right from the "get - go" ???

I, for one, have managed to stay up a little with the "State 
of the Art" but I'm glad that when I started in Ham Radio in 
1964, I didn't have to face such choices...

No more from me on this topic...
..... it's being beaten to death :-\
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