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Spirit-2 TNC question

I am having a problem with my I-Spirit (industrialized version of the
Spirit-2).  It transmits but does not receive.  This exact problem is
described on page 60 of the Spirit-2 Technical Reference Manual and it
states that this problem occurs when pin 7 of the J2 radio connector is not
grounded.  Pin 7 must be grounded to have the same modem filters used for
both transmit and receive.  If not grounded, then different filters are used
for transmit(9.6 Kb) and receive (38.4 Kb).  

On page 15 of the manual where the pin outs of J2 are described it states to
ground pin 7 to pin 6 to enable the Satellite select function (dual speed
9.6K and 38.4k feature).  So, in creating my cable to connect the TNC to my
FT-847 I connected the wires for pins 6 and 7.  Yet my problem remains.

I presume that pin 6 of J2 is grounded somewhere in the TNC (I do not have a
schematic).  If others have made their own cable, is there an alternative to
the arrangement described above or does my problem lie elsewhere?  Thanks.

Kevin Smith
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