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re: K7RR lost messages Mar 9 to 12 (2005)

  HI,,,,i do not subscribe to the BB.  i do not want the emails.
     what i choose to do, is to go to the archives and pull what
     i want and when i want.  this is easier for me.  i imagine
     the other method is easier for others.   viva la difference.
     just throwing this out, in case anyone is not aware.  the
     only loss is that you do not see the originators email
     domain name.  you must respond to BB or go find the email
     address if not listed in the body. i would suggest everyone
     get listed on the amsat mail forwarder.  then it is just 
     yourhandle@amsat.org for everyone.  

     i wish the BB had a search function like the yahoo groups, but
     it is still a wealth of information.  i do not think there is a 
     link on the new amsat home page to it.  you can find it via the
     original amsat home page.


     ao51 just passed....only w6ssw and i.   sounded ok for 21deg pass.

     thanks, and keep up all the good work.   the ARISS passes are just a
     blast to listen to.  Mike Finke and now Leroy Chiao are fantastic.

     L/S mode and the experimenters antennas look like a challenge, and
     are very interesting. so much to learn, so little time.
     have fun+take care,,,,

 Robert L. Coppock   amsat# 35488    kg6pib   cm97
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