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Re: the question will always be there, LEO or HEO

>    I conducted my usual impromptu  survey and "overwhelmingly"
>the people that came up to my table to talk and browse have desired an
>HEO type bird. "When is?" #1 question. AMSAT is working on this as I
>write this note.  As you put it - short 10 minute QSO's are not what the 
>satellite user's want.

10 minutes!!  How did you ever get away with that, Dee??  the first FM 2 
user bird I got on I was yelled at by some Johnny-come-lately for hogging 
the bird after a sig report, handle, and QTH from the other station!!!

I've given satellite lectures to all of the ham clubs in San Diego at least 
twice over the many years, and the consensus agrees with yours.

I don't know where the "decision makers" to build Echo got theirs.

That's one of the nice things about ssb/cw xponder on a LEO.  In the past 
we've held many wall to wall conversations beginning with Oscar 7.

When Echo was first proposed A LOT OF US voiced our objections to no avail.

I most certainly agree with you, Gregg, and many others.  I hope most of 
the OT's haven't gone into the wood work for good!

I made three contacts on Echo, and pulled the plug on it...A cell phone is 
about as much fun!  And exactly the same challenge!!

I got off before I got chewed out again by the multitudes it was supposed 
to attract!!

I can't find out from ANYONE if those multitudes ever got there!!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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