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Re: ECHO reception

Hello drew- why are you being so confrontational?
Last I heard, ECHO also runs 500 mw.
I guess we both made our points.
I'll let you have the last word.
73, pat

I apologize if it seems confrontational, I don't intend it to be. Lot's of people put lots of hard work into Echo trying to make everyone happy. Beating a dead horse over the power issue gets old quick, especially when it looks like you haven't taken any of the advice thats been offered to solve your reception problem. Some things just don't work the way you'd like them to, and sometimes it's not anyone elses fault. Your satellite experience will reflect the effort that you put into it, and if for some reason one cannot do any better they just have to accept the results for what they are. If you can't use a more appropriate antenna, or a preamp, complaining to the list is not going to solve anything, and just spreads misery.

Echo rarely runs less than 1 watt. The power level is available in the telemetry on TXa. I suggest to you in good will that if you hear AO-27 at 500mW better than Echo, the problem is in your setup somewhere, or the local interference conditions. If you have a strong intermod signal near 435.3 it may be causing significant desensing of your receiver. All of these are solved with increased directed antenna gain or a preamp.

Good Luck.

73, Drew KO4MA
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