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Re: ECHO reception

I read perfectly well. For the most part you are comparing apples and oranges between AO-51 and ISS or MIR. ISS and MIR both were either on 145 Mhz and/or SIGNIFICANTLY more power. AO-27 only runs 500mW, if you cannot hear Echo at 1 watt then there is a  problem on your end. Either that radio doesn't receive as well at 435.3 compared to 436.8, you have local interference, or some other issue. The fact remains, with hundreds of operators experiences backing this up, that that antenna is about the worst thing you can use for satellite communications. 

Continous whining about the power levels does absolutely nothing to change your situation. Echo could run 6 watts if the command team wanted to burn the batteries up in 2 years. They don't, and you shouldn't want them to. Many on this list have offered good advice on how to inexpensively improve your reception. Why do you insist on ignoring it?

73, Drew KO4MA

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Hello drew- I have been using this antenna for years with MIR and ISS and
most recently with ECHO. When ECHO was transmitting 2 watts , I had great
reception, even below 3 degrees to east. All are LEO's and my experience
substantiates my observation. I hear ao-27 better at comparable angles and
downlink powers. I write carefully; please read carefully. 73, pat
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