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the question will always be there, LEO or HEO

What better way is there for a "entry level satellite" than to have a HEO 
satellite with Mode-B, many new hams enter this hobby (amateur radio) by 
becoming no-code tech's and most stay at this level because they have no 
interest in the HF portion of the hobby or don't want to mess with the code 
requirements, many of them aquire 2mtr and 70cm'r rigs that do ssb modes to 
get involved with the VHF contest. yes many of these will try the FM LEO's 
but lose interest because at best all you can do is exchange callsigns, 
grids, state, and for those who know one another they can say hi hows the wx 
and stand by for a short answer.(you dont dare try to have a qso thats a 
cardnal sin) yes one can try FO-29 or AO-7 which are a lot of fun but not 
much activitie beacuse most of the operator who can work these satellite are 
dorment AO-40 operators awaiting for their HEO satellite to return (AO-40) 
or P3E to be launched.

I have given many talkes at clubs and at ham fest over the years, the two 
biggest questions I always get asked are (1. how long can you talk on the 
satellites, 2. how far away can you talk on the satellites.) the HEO 
satellites always get the most attention people become real interested in 
them when you say well you can talk for several hours and around the world 
on a HEO satellite but when you start talking about the LEO satellites their 
interest goes away, go figure.

Say we did have a HEO satellite up in orbit right now, and instead of have 
our kids doing a ISS school contact we set up a station to work this HEO 
satellite to work a DX station in some remote spot in the world with another 
school, just think of the questions they could ask and not have to worry 
about a 10 minute window to get all their questions asked, talk about having 
a educational tool. how cool would that be.

LEO satellites are just a toy to play with, but having a HEO satellite is to 
have a tools to work with.

73 Greg N0ZHE 
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