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ECHO reception

Good day to the group

On pass to east of long island with a max elevation of 32 degrees I
experienced very poor reception of ECHO. No callsigns heard. Sporadic
audio detected above 10 degrees elevation.
I'm using high gain vertical at 15 feet with 21 feet of 9913 coax direct
to FT-8800 without inline meter.
Contrary to the flat earth society, the vertical has turned out to be
ideal for LEO satellite reception. The various angular gains compared to
the path losses at those angles yeilds a fairly uniform gain throughout
the range of elevations. As a mater of fact, my best reception is at high
angles and directly above.
It was great when the satellite downlink was 2 watts. It made all the
difference. Echo was advertised to be even higher power. I would be happy
with 2 watts. Is anyone else waiting for higher power or am I the

For all its worth, I would like to see more operational details posted on
this BBS along with reception reports by new operators like myself.

Has echo increased amsat membership? I joined right after the launch of

73 to all, de patrick N2OEQ 32323
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