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Re: G-5500/G-5400

Hi Cliff,

Yes, both of my G5400B's have relays. They've been very reliable here in
Northern VT. First one went up in 1995. I use a 12' crossboom with KLM 14C
and 440CX. Also a DS 55 el 1.2G loop yagi plus a G3RUH dish. I did use a
thrust bearing on the AZ rotor and very carefully adjusted the static
balance (front/rear and side to side) on the EL rotor.  So far no problems.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."

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From: "Cliff Buttschardt" <cbuttsch@kcbx.net>
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] G-5500/G-5400

> Yes, Mike you are right.  The "B" model did have the DIN connector.
> I'm not sure if the rotors were controlled by SCR---TRIAC's or by
> relays.  I put in relays as I was concerned about lightning damage
> caused by pickup on the control wires so really, the converted unit
> had some advantages by a bit of work to accomplish.   Cliff K7RR
> Mike Seguin wrote:
> >
> > Cliff,
> >
> > I have two G-5400B rotors. They're a pretty common model. They both have
> > remote DIN connector.
> >
> > I've never seen a straight G-5400... So perhaps that's the one that
> > have the DIN??
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