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Re: AMSAT Experiment Volunteer needed

>>> "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu> 3/10/05 12:12:12 PM >>>
>We need a volunteer ...[to assess radio desense when 
>two radios are operating in close proximity (say 100') 
>and on the same band]...

Thanks AMSAT!  I got many responses and three have already
produced good data.  I am assembling it now and will post 
the results.  Generally it only takes a few 10's of milliwatts to
desnse one radio with another on an adjacent channel
(25 KHz away).  At 100 KHz, it is on the order of 100 mw
and for the normal 2m split of 600 KHz it is on the order
of a watt.  And of course some radios are better than others.

Thanks to  ZL3RX,  N6IZW,  OE1DMB 
and also PE1RAH and Gerry

More later.
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