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RE: Fwd: Re: Another financial question

On 10 Mar 2005 at 21:27, Dave Guimont wrote:

> The saving grace for survival of amateur satellites is certainly 
with ESA 
> and Germany and all other ESA involved supporters...And I am 

But this should not mean different AMSAT'S does not have their place 
on the international satellite scene. AMSAT-NA already contribute 
with AMSAT-DL on some technical issues. What we missed here it's the 
information on what is going on between those groups!

Often the lack of information is making much more damages than 
anything else and could be DOD can put more news on the state of 
exchange between AMSAT'S.

Is it possible to have in AMSAT journal an AMSAT-DL section in 
english and the same in AMSAT-DL in german from AMSAT-NA. You can 
extend this at will why not a spanish or an italian section making us 
aware of their plans?

The main problem is not related to the existence of the various 
AMSAT'S but their interactions between themselves and the way they 
are manage.

Greg Dober just post one of the best acute and detailed response to 
one of my questioning regarding some financial AMSAT-NA issues. The 
trend is good and answers are direct.

The mood seems to be different actually and we can only hope this 
will remain. 

Not having too much time presently to comment on Greg post. I will as 
soon as i can just give my thoughts on some very precise points of 
his arguments	

73! and 88's womens day was not too far away yet.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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