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RE: Fwd: Re: Another financial question

>But are those fair questions?

Brian, I'll let the answerers decide if they are fair, or not...

>AFTER Echo launched, it was dragged
>through the HEO vs LEO and FM-only vs other-mode wars that take up
>so much of this group.

Wrong, some of us protested an FM only LEO when the concept was first 
proposed.  The proponents, at that time, touted the "easy sat" concept as 
well as a method to promote participation as an AMSAT member, at the the 
very least..  A lot of us questioned those concepts from the beginning.  A 
lot of those people probably aren't even around any more.  Abolutely 
nothing to do with the subsequent "after launch" evaluations...

Again, has membership increased?

Have donations increased??

>  It has been the stone on which many different
>axes have been ground, but my recollection is that the builders said
>they were trying to prove out some digital techniques.  Seems to me
>that that is the criterion by which to judge Echo.

I am not JUDGING ECHO...My comments question whether or not it should ever 
have been built to begin with, or should all those bucks been saved to use 
on a HEO??

The saving grace for survival of amateur satellites is certainly with ESA 
and Germany and all other ESA involved supporters...And I am one....

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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