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Re: Space Track TLE Retriever?

>I have been using this for a few days successfully, with autodownload. This 
>morning I found it will no longer log in to Space Track...I get a 
>"SpaceTrack Login Unsuccessful" message.
> I have tried manually, same result. I have re-entered my username and 
> password, same result.
> I can go to the web site and log into the site with my browser just fine.
> What went wrong? Did Space Track change something that causes this neat 
> utility to stop working, or has something hosed my utility. Next step, I 
> assume is to uninstall and then re-install the utility?

Hi Hasan,
you have to install the new version of TLERetriever (1.3.11 (2005 Mar 08).

(from the update history:
Corrected problem caused when Space Track made an unannounced change to the
HTTP header that is returned when a user successfully logs into the site.
The header change caused the program to think that the login had failed.

73 de IW3FOL, Vincenzo

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