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Re: AO-51 PBP modulation scheme

I have the YAM modem and have used it to copy 9600 baud G3RUH downloads from 
A0-51, POSAT, and GO-32. However, I've had some issues getting it to work with 
AGWPE. So far it works with TSTHOST under DOS, but can't get it to run under 
Windows with TSTHWIN. Strangely, it runs 1200 baud just fine under DOS or with 
AGWPE under WIndows. Still working with  George/SV2AGW to see why my setup 
doesn't work.

Hope that helps.

Bruce - W3NJ

> > Hello,
> >
> >    I am interested in interacting with the AO-51 PACSAT, but I can't
> > really afford the PACComm Spirit-2 and was looking at the various
> > types of homebuilt modems, like the Alef Null DSP modem, and the YAM
> > FPGA based modem.
> >
> >    However, I have read that while these are "packet radio modems",
> > they are not satisfactory for satellite work.  I was assuming the
> > reason for this is they don't support the type of modulation used by
> > AO-51 PACSAT.
> >
> >    I don't really understand why they wouldn't be useable, and am
> > wondering if anyone has some suggestions for homebuilt modem/TNCs that
> > would be useable for AO-51 PACSAT.
> >
> > thanks,
> > -andrew
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