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Re: TH-D7 Programming

Jim Jerzycke wrote:
> I must be *really* dense, because I just can't figure
> out how to get the transmit and receive freqs for Echo
> stored in my TH-D7 in a way that appears usable to me.
> I can store the receive freqs (group of 5 channels,
> 5kHz apart), and name them, but can't seem to figure
> out how to keep the transmit on 145.920 while tuning
> between the receive frequencies. The manual is just
> about useless for explaining sat ops, or how to keep
> the transmit on a single frequency while tuning among
> a group of stored freqs _on different bands_. 
> Can anybody point me to a quick-start guide or provide
> a little advice?

The D7A, while capable of operating two bands at the same time, does not 
have cross band RX/TX capabilities on the same transceiver side.  So, 
you have to use A for VHF and B for UHF and use the band switch button 
to swap between the two while you are operating.

Gregg Wonderly
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