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RE: Running tlmecho and WISP simultaneously

Hello Colin,
Thank you very much for the response.  

I have looked at the site that you have suggested and I guess this "spy"
cable will be the only way to go, until we find a software solution.  I
guess in my situation, I would only need to "spy" the data that is flowing
from the TNC to the PC.  The data flowing from the PC to the TNC would not
be of interest to TLMECHO and therefore, I guess I can forget about spying

Anyway, I will try this out when I have some time (as I am very busy at the
moment) and will let you know the result.  

BTW, what are you using to expand the serial ports in your PC?  I have 5
here and still need another 2 more.  This will increase to 3 if I am going
to implement the above project.  And yes, swapping the cables around is
really very annoying.

AO-51 is sounding great here too.  With the TX power set at 1.5 watts as
observed from the telemetry, the downlink peaks up to 59 + 30 db!!!

73 and have a nice day,
Sion Chow Q. C.,

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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Running tlmecho and WISP simultaneously

Hello Mark and Simon,
I have been contemplating a different solution, because I wish to do a
I have been considering "slaving" off the one RS232 port.
Searching the internet I found this article that looks promising.
Because both WiSP and TLM Echo are running KISS, I am pretty confident that
there is no handshaking taking place. Hence a "spy" cable should allow you
run two programs from the one source, however you would need to use 2 com
ports viz. Com1 and Com2.
In respect to the above link I would use the FULL DUPLEX configuration and
have the TNC feeding two ports.
I have 6 ports, which is not enough for all the devices I have here.
Get annoyed when I have to swap cable.
Laziness is no good unless it is well executed.
Maybe another idea to consider.
Great signal from AO-51 when its running a full head of steam (1.5 watts).
Best regards,
Colin VK5HI.
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