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Spirit 2 question

I recently procured an "industrialized" version of the Paccomm Spirit 2.
The board is laid out a little differently but I located all the jumpers and
they are set consistent for a satellite version of the Spirit-2.  I followed
the cabling instruction in the Spirit 2 technical reference manual very
carefully when making the cable to connect the Spirit 2 to my FT-847.  I
believe it functions correctly since when using MPSE in Wisp, when I request
a directory fill, my radio is immediately keyed up.  However the Spirit 2
never seems to hear anything i.e. the DCD light never flickers when I should
be hearing 9600 baud transmissions from AO-51 or GO-32.  The S-meter on my
FT-847 indicates good signals are there.  Could someone suggest to me where
I need to go from here.  Thanks in advance.

Kevin Smith
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