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Re: TH-D7 Programming

Jim Jerzycke wrote:

> Good day, all
> I must be *really* dense, because I just can't figure
> out how to get the transmit and receive freqs for Echo
> stored in my TH-D7 in a way that appears usable to me.
> I can store the receive freqs (group of 5 channels,
> 5kHz apart), and name them, but can't seem to figure
> out how to keep the transmit on 145.920 while tuning
> between the receive frequencies. The manual is just
> about useless for explaining sat ops, or how to keep
> the transmit on a single frequency while tuning among
> a group of stored freqs _on different bands_. 

The manual does not explain satellite ops because essentially it wont do 
it.  Actually you can (and people have), but it will only sort of 
operate satellite.  There is no way to set a memory channel for transmit 
on one band and receive on the other.  You can set transmit frequencies 
in one set of memories and receive frequencies in another set of memores 
and then transmit on one band and receive on the other.  For example set 
up the radio as follows:
Program 5 channels with downlink frequency (with various doppler 
corrections) and a 6th channel with the uplink.  So for example, use 
these channels:
300  145.920 67Hz PL  Echo up
301  435.290          Echo Dn1
302  435.295          Echo Dn2
303  435.300          Echo Dn3
304  435.305          Echo Dn4
305  435.310          Echo Dn5

Set the radio to the "A" band and select channel 301.  Then set the 
radio to the "B" band and select channel 300.  As doppler changes, 
switch bands, change the channel and switch back.  Rather cumbesome, but 

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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