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SatPC32 version 12.3 is now available

A new version of SatPC32, version 12.3 has been released by Erich 
Eichmann DK1TB.  Here is a list of the enhancements since version 12.2:

1. The rotor steering functions of SatPC32, SatPC32ISS and Wisat32 now 
support - optionally - 'Flip mode'. This mode avoids the 360-degree turn 
of the azimuth rotor when the satellite crosses the azimuth rotor's "end 
point". When flip mode is enabled, the azimuth only needs to turn 180 
degrees, reducing the time to re-acquire the satellite.

2. The antennas can now automatically be turned to a selectable parking 
position after a pass.

3. The sub tone functions have been expanded:
a. The program can now set different tone frequencies for the same 
satellite. That is important with satellites like SO-50. This satellite 
requires a 74.4 Hertz burst tone to be opened and a 67.0 Hertz continous 
tone to be worked. The tone frequencies can be switched via mouse click.
b. The program also now steers the PL-tone functions of the Kenwood 
TS-2000 (Kenwood has fixed the PL tone bug).

4. The CAT steering functions support more radios. The tool TxController 
has been expanded.  This tool is used to control a second radio.  The 
previous version could steer only Yaesu radios. The new version also 
supports Icom and Kenwood radios, provided their CAT commands for 
frequency and mode control are compatible with those for the Icom or 
Kenwood satellite transceivers. Therefore radios of different brands can 
be steered, for example, Yaesu FT-817 for RX and Icom MKIIG for TX, or 
Icom IC-R20 for RX with a Yaesu FT-857 for TX.

5. SatPC32, Wisat32, SatPC32ISS, WinListen and WinAos can now 
automatically replace the satellite names used in Space-Track Keplerian 
source files by AMSAT satellite names. The source file remains 
unchanged.  The program package also includes a new tool "SatRename". 
This program creates source files with AMSAT satellite names from 
Space-Track TLE files.

6. The ServerLabjack tool has been improved to give higher resolution 
and display of the actual antenna positions.

7. DJ1KM has made a new illustrated manual in PDF format.  This manual 
can be downloaded from the authorís web site separate from the SatPC32 
installation package.

At the authorís website you can see screenshots, a detailed description 
of SatPC32, and download a trial version. 

If you already have a registration code you may use it to register the 
new program version.  If you purchased a CD version of SatPC32, you may 
contact w9ae@amsat.org for instructions how to get a registration password.

Purchase a SatPC32 registration code by calling Martha at 1-888-322-6728 
or by visiting the AMSAT online store at 
http://www.amsat-na.com/item.php?id=100020.  The price is $40 for AMSAT 
members and $45 for non-members.  The AMSAT store currently stocks the 
11.2 CD, so at present the only way to get version 11.3 is via download. 
  Downloading the program is preferable because you get the program more 
quickly, the registration code costs less than the CD, and the 
registration code can be used for future upgrades.

The author Erich Eichmann DK1TB has donated SatPC32 to AMSAT.  So 100% 
of the purchase price goes to support AMSAT programs.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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