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Re: Rotor pot

>   First
>I really hope you marked the position of the gears and pot while disassembling
>the 5400!  If not, then you have a bit more work to do.  First the pot is a
>500 ohm unit.  The replacement part for Yaesue/Vertex is Q9000408.  The cost
>is $30 US and is worth less than half that but about what the customer will
>  >  Well here I am with a  Yaesu 5400 spread all over the bench. Got the
>  >  azimuth rotor down to the case and need to replace the pot. Wonder if
>  >  anyone who has been this route could help with the value of it. Sure could
>  >  use some help. Thanks << John

Hi JOhn,

Cliff ALWAYS has the best advice, don't hesitate to take it, but I will
relate an experience I had with a pot in a 5400 many years ago.  Not to
confuse the issue at all, but the amplification here MAY be of some
help.  I had a pot problem, and solved it by soldering the brass rivets
that held both ends of the resistive element in the pot....may or may not
be helpful to you...

             73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                     Disagree: I learn....

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