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AO-51 and Mode Change

   Hi Folks,

    I have asked in several private emails but I have not received  any
   replies so I am asking the group to clairfy the March 9, 2005 Mode
   change.  It shows that their will be two mode changes on the same
   date?? Can someone explain what times these will happen on March 9,

   9 Mar - Exp Wed - Mode L/U as requested via ao51-modes
   FM Repeater, L/U
   Uplink: 1268.700 mhz FM, No PL Tone
   Downlink 435.300 mhz FM
   9 Mar
   FM Repeater, V/U
   Uplink: 145.920 mhz FM, 67 hz PL Tone
   Downlink 435.300 mhz FM
   9k6 Digital, V/U, PBP BBS (Pacsat Broadcast Protocol BBS)
   Uplink: 145.860 mhz FM, 9k6 PBP Digital
   Downlink: 435.150 mhz FM, 9k6 PBP Digital

   73 de Angelo

   If you don't ask, you will never know!!
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