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Re: GO-32


According to the MSPE logs here, it wasn't working from 22 Dec 2004 until about 2 Jan 2005.  I have pretty good data downloads for the period 2 Jan to 10 Jan.  The next log is on 12 Jan, and the log shows very little data from that point forward until now...basically, it is burping out a 9600 packet every min or so (maybe 30 secs, I didn't pay that close of attention).

What I do is go ahead and run Wisp/MSPE, and under Setup/General Options I check "Print headers."  At least that way I see it sending packets...

Other than that, I don't know much more about the bird!  I too wish it was loaded and active again.


Mark N8MH

At 10:19 PM 3/2/2005 +0000, Sellers, Andrew wrote:
>Has anyone news of GO-32? It was shortly before Christmas that we were told that GO-32 would be QRT for a few DAYS. It is now a COUPLE OF MONTHS after Christmas and I have not seen any information from the GO-32 command team. 
>I have emailed Tidhar, whom I have had contact with in the past, but no reply to my 2 emails.
>If they have problems, why not re-load the OLD version and let us use that until they fix the software. That's what happened in the days of good old UO-22!
>73 Andrew G8TZJ
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