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First Baby steps

Hello All,
I have not communicated through a satellite as yet, but I was wondering if
you fine people could answer a few of my questions. I am looking to start
communicating on the satellites. From reading various articles and papers on
the subject, I have found that most agree that full duplex operation is not
only the best way to go, but sometimes the only way to go. So, with this
being said I am interested in obtaining a station receiver, with the
capability of receiving signals from the sats. Namely the ability to receive
signals in the vhf/uhf range in various modes (ssb,cw,fm,am). I am sure that
you know what I'm talking about. I recently read an article in QST by Rick
Rogers (An Economical Satellite Station), and was interested in what you
thought of his choice in station receiver. I believe it was an Icom
PCR-1000. I think this is a computer defined radio. I was wondering if
anyone had ideas about a stand alone receiver. Thanks for your patience, as
I have not been a ham for a long time, I am not to keen on the available
radios and their pros and cons. I would like to start small and gradually
build this station. I think just listening to the sats for a time on the
receiver would benefit my eventually operating through them.

P. Lane
Indiana, USA
ICQ# 246939532
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