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> > A better use for the CUBEs would be on a high-altitude balloon.
> > The boxes are small and light, and ideal for such missions.
> > These missions are less expensive and are 100x more educative because 
> > the box returns down, the student can inspect what has happened to the
> > electronics.
> > You can only learn when you know what you have done wrong, and when you 
> > change it and try again.
>For simple satellites, that would be the case. But, there are many CubeSats 
>have serious experiments on board - not just a CW ider. They need the space
>enviroment for the work. And as for the issue of RF congestion, consider 
>this -
>these little cubes will decay within a couple years or so and be out of 
>hair - far sooner than other satellites.

I mentioned before that CUBESATs can be usefull for some small scientific 
measurements. What I disagree is that they can be used to learn students how 
to build a satellite. In a matter of words they are making a satellite, but 
then you can also buy an FT847 put it into repeater mode and launch it into 

>Shrink your analog transponder and offer it.

I am already working on that, but time is my enemy :o)

>Dave Goncalves

73 de PE1RAH,

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