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Re: Help needed with DSP-2232 and Wisp


Its already a long while ago that I have done any packsats with my DSP2232, 
but maybe I can help with the DSP2232 problems.

With Wisp you need to change the modem into "KISS" mode.
This mode bypasses all data directly to your PC.
In the "KISS" mode, when I am right, you will not see the callsigns appear 
on the LCD of the 2232.

** In the "normal" mode the DSP works like an modem with intelligence, that 
can be used as a stand-alone BBS or digi (without PC). In KISS mode the DSP 
is only working a stupid MODEM (MOdulator/DEModulator) and the intelligence 
is external in the form of your PC.

- Also set the RS232 (computer to DSP2232) cable speed higher than 9600bps. 
This avoids traffic jam at 9600 packet speed :o)

73 de PE1RAH,

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