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38k4 sound card recordings

Well, I lashed up some more cables and did more testing yesterday.

I got the Sprint-2 looping at 38k4, and then also had the 56002EVM eavesdropping on the Sprint-2 talking to itself.   It worked as expected.

So, I recorded some 38k4 data out of the Sprint-2 in a wave file at 48kHz/8-bit/mono, and then played it back into the Sprint-2.  It works! :) It isn't perfect, but I haven't done much to try and improve things.  I get some dropped characters, etc. but the basic test was quite encouraging.

More testing will be the fun du jour at N8MH today.  I need to playback the wave files into the 56002EVM and watch it decode too, but I expect it to work.

The two sample recordings of 38k4 data can be found here:



So, it looks like on the air recordings of AO-51 at 38k4 should be doable at 48kHz/8-bit/mono and a worthwhile exercise.  Maybe a few folks can help record during this week's Experimenter's Night and send them to Douglas KA2UPW.


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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