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HELLO,,,,,ao51 just passed, south>north, west, KL7XJ came on, then
   it was a bit hard to work anybody because the qso pile up began, yet
   not to him, just 48-state qso.   i do not understand this protocol.  if there
   is an Alaska station coming into the western usa, it would seem like we
   should be working some DX.  am i incorrect?  as far as i am concerned,
   it is a waste of what satellites we have now.   i am new to this, and getting
   a bit frustrated, sorry.  anybody that was on that pass, hey! no problemo.
   i just want to play too.   .... .. .... ..    if this continues, i am going to have
   to do something drastic, maybe study for the code test instead.
AND, anybody working SSTV on ao27 (no PL tone) ? maybe on an off
   hour pass, we can try some robot36 pix ?  is it possible ?  i am new
   to that also, i just got a vc-h1 (sstv).  thank you for your consideration!
   (con=with   sider=star/light    consider= bring light to something)
       have fun + take care,,,,,,,,   
 Robert L. Coppock   kg6pib-7  cm97   amsat#35488    arrl    mdarc
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